Setting the stage for self-awarenss

Like most of us, I grew up in a paradox of joy and sadness. I retreated internally to search my soul as a young adult. I traveled around the world, and became strikingly aware of the gifts and shortcomings of being human. I found peace through meditation and caring relationships. I was preparing myself for my calling as an empathetic holistic veterinarian.

Holistic Veterinary Medicine

In 2002, I discovered my veterinary community, the American Holistic Veterinary Medical Association and its Council of Elders.  I melded intuition and intellect in my practice of holistic veterinary medicine.

Personal Growth

Practicing gratitude and intention, I found my beautiful partner, intentional community, and herbal medicine. I studied “non-violent communication“, emotional awareness, group conflict resolution, and sustainable living, all of which play a role in my holistic veterinary medical practice.

Wild Food and Medicine

For years, I have immersed myself in the study of medicinal and edible properties of wild plants. I broke down the “green wall” and connected more intimately to my natural surroundings. I found botanical allies in every corner of my path. I have led plant walks and workshops and vended at the first “wild foods and medicine” market in the nation. I love to share the gifts of the plants under our feet and paws. Botanical medicine is an important part of my holistic veterinary medical practice.

Men’s Work

Finally, in 2009, I joined the Mankind Project, became a “new warrior”, and helped lead a men’s group for six years. We supported each other’s growing emotional maturity, accountability, and compassion with shadow work. I grew into the husband, father, holistic veterinarian, and person that I wanted to be. I am still growing.

New Beginnings (Floyd, VA)

In 2013 I moved with my family to the blue ridge mountains of Floyd, VA and joined another intentional community, where I continue to study the art of joyful co-creation and holistic health. By the end of 2014 my wife, Jenni, our two children, Cedar and Wren, and I will have added twins to our family. I have found that my happiness lies in presence, acceptance, and gratitude.

Alternative Medicine Study

Dr. Judith Shoemaker’s brilliance turned me on to chiropractic medicine. I studied “veterinary spinal manipulation therapy” and neurology at the Healing Oasis Wellness Center and began treating a large population of elderly and canine athletes. I also studied companion animal nutrition, focusing on home-made and raw food diets through continuing education and mentor holistic veterinarians. I became a strong proponent of fresh and varied ingredients for our animal companions.

I then committed myself to the study of traditional Chinese veterinary medicine, and added the use of eastern dietary, herbal, and acupuncture therapy to my holistic veterinary practice.

Phone Consultations

The phone and email consultation part of my veterinary practice organically grew, when I moved to Floyd, VA. I offered this service, because many of my clients did not otherwise have access to a holistic veterinarian. My personal growth work prepared me to help clients in distress or indecision about their pet’s care, in particular euthanasia choices. My sensibility from traveling the world lent itself to helping clients find simple yet effective care for their companions. In addition, I could offer an unbiased, honest opinion and could support the emotional needs of clients in a safe, unhurried venue. My holistic veterinary practice is part of my heart and soul.

My life’s mission is to help people unconditionally love themselves.

I am here to be your holistic veterinarian and make your life easier. I am available for phone consultations.

With respect and love,

Dr. Perrin Heartway