A client just wrote to me about a product that she and a friend used for their flatulent dogs. They both claimed it worked well. The ingredients look great. It is an herbal product with anise, cinnamon, fennel, cardamom, enzymes and more. I have no investment in this product. I am passing their testimonials along (see below), so that others may benefit (from a fresher air home.)  :)

“…Ben, the elderly Frenchie [has] always had terrible gas, just like Maddie. [Maddie is pictured above!] His owners have tried everything, just like I have, to get rid of the problem.  Changes in food, probiotics, digestive enzymes.  Nothing worked, until now.  Gas Be Gone is a tablet that actually works.  Ben’s dad gave me a couple of tablets to try with Maddie and after just one dose, she was totally gas free after a big dinner last night.  Thought you would want to know about it (if you don’t already) and hear that it works.”